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Best Political Campaign Websites of 2019

As a web developer I spend a lot of time looking at political campaign websites. At PoliEngine we're always trying to find new inspiration for our website themes, and our users expect us to keep up with the newest trends in political web design.

2019 is an off year for campaigns, but with a small group of governors races, special elections, and legislative seats voting this year there are a number of websites that stand out as the best of 2019.

Jumaane Williams for New York  

This website is nothing if not courageous. Jumaane Williams ran in a heavily contested special election for New York Public Advocate in April 2019. Public Advocate in New York is essentially New York's name for vice mayor and auditor all rolled into one.

The election was a one time election with 17 candidates where the top vote getter would win, no run off. Jumaane had to stand out, to get a small but fervent voting block to turn out to give him his plurality. That strategy is perfectly encompassed in this site.

Jumaane came out on top by being a unique, non-establishment voice in the race. You can see a lot of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in his styling and appeal. From the black and white color scheme, something I don't believe I've ever seen before, to almost no photos of the candidate smiling, to a black power fist right below the header image, this courageous website breaks all the rules, and succeeds as a result. 

Jumaane Williams has the best political campaign website of 2019, hands down.

John Bel Edwards for Louisiana

Democrat John Bel Edwards is in a real fight to win his re-election in red Louisiana. A classy gold and blue color scheme brings his re-election website together with sloping gradients and great photos of him out hunting and being a regular Louisiana guy. The priorities page is clean and to the point, and he deserves bonus points for having a store linked in.

Sure it's a traditional site, but 90% of the time that's what you're going for in a political campaign website, while other communications mediums can go outside the box a bit.

All around a classy choice for the governor of Louisiana.

David Straz for Tampa Mayor

David Straz lost his election by big margins for the Tampa mayors race, but his website wasn’t the problem. Straz was a somewhat prickly millionaire who self funded his race, and his website worked hard to offset that by giving him an approachable, clean look.

The open white and light color scheme and light colors make Straz seem a lot more down to earth and approachable, a kind candidate running in the race. The rags to riches narrative is tastefully sprinkled throughout, turning his biggest liability (his immense wealth and willingness to use it) into an asset.

The video gallery highlights some of the campaigns better videos, humanizing him, and the calls to action are all straight forward. It's a traditional site design, but a well done one. A solid addition for the best political campaign websites of 2019.

Robert Foster for Mississippi Gov

Man do I love this site. A cute photo of Robert and his wife adorn the front, with big block lettering as far as the eye can see. Click on the photo of Mississippi to reveal a fancy mega menu.

The site is equally photogenic on mobile, with pretty photos of his family and him looking very "Mississippi" with his shotgun. The campaign site is designed to be scanned, to get an idea of what the candidate stands for without needing to read much at all. It succeeds with flying colors.

It makes me wanna throw back some beers at an Ole Miss tailgate with the guy, which was exactly what he was going for. Certainly one of the best political campaign sites of 2019.

Tate Reeves for Mississippi is a hot mess of a political website, but somehow works despite all of it.

Reeves is running for Mississippi governor as Mississippi’s answer to Trump, and his site works for it. You come in not to a pretty picture of him, but to a girl telling you that all about his fight for the second amendment and his NRA endorsement. Underneath it is a call to action not to donate, but to join the 2nd amendment coalition by signing up for his emails on another page.

The menu is busy, there are too many options, font sizes jump up and down at random intervals with no rhyme or reason. The mobile experience is pretty shoddy too, with buttons scaling up or not without any reason behind it.

In case you think this is because he's just an amateur politician think again: he was the first Republican ever to hold office in Mississippi, and is currently the Lieutenant governor. He can hire any firm he wants, and the firm he picked made this.

His non-traditional approach makes you leave thinking he’s the kind of guy who’s gonna shake stuff up, which matches his campaign tone perfectly. This site is either one of the best or worst of 2019, and I'm coming down on the side of "best".

Matt Bevin for Kentucky Gov

This isn't my favorite for the year, the candidate looks neither approachable nor tough on his cover photo, but it works for what he's trying to do.

Gov. Matt Bevin is running for re-election in deep red Kentucky against Steve Bashear’s son, Andy Bashear. He knows in 2019 partisan politics trumps all (no pun intended) , and is leaning into that. You come into a big photo of him and Trump talking, before an email ask, and then to a great campaign video.

Dan Bishop For Congress

Big block lettering and simple design make this website stand out. The site feels both big and open all at the same time, thanks to the white background under big blue boxes and big lettering. Seeing as it’s 2019, Dan doesn’t skimp on the partisan shots against Democrats, having a whole section on the front page making fun of some of the “progressive squad”.

His issues page is a master class in restraint, keeping his issues to one sentence blocks that can be easily scanned to see where he stands on each. It’s altogether a very classy, thoughtful site that balances between approachability and framing himself a partisan fighter. Well done team Bishop!

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