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To be elected councilman or councilwoman you need a website that not just tells your story, but tells it visually in a way that engages and wows your voters. That's what PoliEngine was created for. With a powerful website builder, templates for city council website, and powerful features, PoliEngine is the next generation of political website builders.

What a City Council Candidate Needs

At PoliEngine we've managed and built websites for dozens of city council candidates, we know what you need. Start off with our beautifully designed website templates, created specifically for city council candidates, then build on top of that with complete flexibility.

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How We Support City Council Campaigns

As a city council candidate your number 1 priority is talking with your voters, not getting buried in technology. PoliEngine makes creating your website, taking donations, collecting emails, and managing volunteers easy. Simply select a template and start. Change your logo with a click, write words in, change your branding site wide in one place, and get on the web.

Our templates are designed to tell the story of your city council election visually, without a wall of text. You want your city voters to know what you stand for and who you are in minutes.

City Council Templates

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All of our political website templates can be made into city council specific websites. See them all on our template page: 

Our Sample Site

View our samples site to see how your city council website could look

Premium Support

We're here to help you with technical issues, design support, or whatever you need to give your judicial site the professional look you campaign needs.

Volunteer Management

Visitors can sign up and be sorted right from the website. Keep track of your volunteers for tabling, door knocking, and events.

Data Analytics

Powerful data analytics are built into PoliEngine. See who's coming to your site, where they're going, how they got there, what devices they're using, and more.

Free, Secure Hosting

PoliEngine is built on the most reliable servers in the world, Amazon Web Servers. With a 99.99% uptime and backed up data you'll never have to worry about your site going down.

Custom Domain

Your website will have it's own custom domain that matches you judge campaign, for free.

Donation Processing

Take donations directly from your site at no additional cost. Fully integrate with Stripe or Braintree to take donations from your site with no additional charges.

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