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Free Templates for your Social Media

Our mission at PoliEngine is to lower the cost of campaigns, so that every candidate can run a professional level campaign no matter their budget. That's why we've introduced this political design library for Facebook, providing free templates to candidates for their social media.

How it Works

First you simply need to sign up for a free Canva account. Canva is the most user friendly design software on the market with over 10 million users, and it's free to use. Once you've signed up just select the free template you'd like to use in the library by clicking the "Get Template" button. From there, simply change out photos, write in your text, change the colors, and voila, you have a professionally designed social media post ready to go.

Endorsement Photo Templates

These free templates are designed for either posting or for ads, as they meet the Facebook design standards for paid advertising. This is used for either a single candidate or for a slew of endorsements you're rolling out, or want to highlight.

Endorsement Testimonial Templates

When you receive a new endorsement it's great to roll that out with a testimonial from the person or organization who's endorsing you. These free templates are designed in a variety of styles, so you can create a standard set of testimonials easily for each roll out.

Facebook Ad Templates

These free political Facebook ad templates are designed for a call to action. They are below Facebook's 20% limit for text on a picture so that you can run them to your voters on Facebook's ad platform.

Issues Highlight Templates

These free Facebook post templates help you highlight your issues as a candidate. Some of them have 4-5 designs in each so you can slowly roll out your highlighted issues over the course of multiple days.

Facebook Sharing Image Templates

Your website needs a sharing image for Facebook to show when your page posts. These are designed to fit Facebooks specifications for that sharing image. These free templates are simple with a nice photo of the candidate, which is standard for these image types.

Event Image Templates

These free templates are designed with Facebooks events in mind. They fit the specifications to fit easily onto a Facebook event.

Cover Photos Templates

Facebook cover photos are the headers of each Facebook page. These scale differently on mobile or desktop, so designs need to fit both specifications. These are frequently just a photo of the candidate or a landmark in your city, but for a more designed image these free templates can help you pick a design.

Get Out The Vote Templates

Facebook is a great place to get out the vote, and these images are designed to help. Post them during early voting or leading up to election day to help build awareness and push your supporters out to vote.

Profile Frame Templates

Profile frames allow your supporters to place a an image over their Facebook profile image. This image then shows as a circle in your profile. These designs are created to work both in a square format and a circle format, and to fit Facebook's profile frame design. To do this simply export the image and put it into your Facebook page using Facebook's Profile Frame Studio.

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